David Purse hails from Scotland where the national animal is the unicorn, so it was only natural he ended up writing about monsters!

David wrote his first ‘book’ when he was four, filled with illustrations and facts about dozens of imaginary creatures, most notably an eight-legged, tutu-wearing, pig-faced, ballerina monster named Pebbles.

Wanting to be a veterinarian for years, David volunteered at a local clinic where he saw lots of exotic pets come in, from bright green iguanas to ten foot python snakes but, unfortunately, no dragons.

He did encounter a number of dragons when he went on to work in finance, though they wore pinstriped suits and had names like ‘Karl from Marketing.’

David now spends his days writing, fiercely guarded by an old Dalmatian called Molly, who still chases her own tail, and farts like it’s an Olympic sport.